Many of you already know that fracking can pose dangers to your families’ health.

Now nationally renown doctors and scientists are joining the Center for Environmental Health for a series of free webinars that will give you resources and information in the fight against fracking. The 6 webinar series, “Fracking, Natural Gas, and Maternal Health: What They Mean for Families and Communities,” will be held every Monday starting April 21st.

Many of the chemicals associated with gas extraction and development have been connected with acute and chronic health problems in children and women, including respiratory, neurological, reproductive, and developmental impacts.

We are getting a lot of interest in our Earth Day Letters to the Editor campaign but its a big country and we need your help. Please send a quick personal email to all the health professionals you know around the country asking them to join this effort. The instructions, sample letters, and a response form are up on our website . Please fill out the response form if you are submitting a letter so we can see how we’re doing. Thanks for all you do. 

Last weekend, the UCSF LivingGreen Team embarked on a journey to UC Santa Cruz for the 2014 Energy Efficiency Summit. New interns gained exposure to informative tips on how to navigate Powersave Campus resources, we attended various seminars about graphic design and assessments, and finally we received some helpful advice from a career panel. Overall, this experience was a beneficial one as we now have more energy efficiency ideas and excitement for a greener future! 

Although we couldn’t apply much of the other team’s efforts to UCSF because they account for undergaduate “dorm life”, we still have lots of groom to grow within the medical and office facilities!