The Center for Public Integrity

The Center for Public Integrity is a nonprofit newsroom that makes sure to inform people like us with the hard facts. For instance:

"We revealed that several big-name political spenders, including George Soros and Sheldon Adelson, pumped tens of millions of dollars into academia in recent years.

Good news? Bad news? We’ll let you decide.

We just report the facts: 

  • Charles Koch Foundation pledged $1.5 million in 2011 to Florida State University’s economic department, in a contract stipulating that a Koch-appointed advisory committee will select professors and conduct annual evaluations. 
  • Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society provided $4 million in higher education-related grants in the U.S. that fund programs focused on racial minorities, foreign affairs and journalism. 

The extent to which these and other contributions shape curricula is up for debate. But a  meaningful public dialogue depends on access to accurate information.

That is why I’m asking you to invest in the Center, so that we can continue producing hard-hitting, data-driven reporting in the public interest.

In the spirit of holding power accountable and increasing transparency in our institutions, please make a contribution to our 2014 Annual Fund. “

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Mercury News Reveals another California Success

Yay California!

As leaders of the environmental movement, California has earned another success. When Gov. Jerry Brown signs the bill next week, the Golden State will be the first to go plastic bagless.

Starting small, California’s cities showed their efforts in going bagless and therefore the trend caught on. The “state is setting the pace for the nation in improving the environment and our lives”. 

The battle in California may be won, but we’re gearing up for another fight in New York City in just a few weeks. If both the largest state and the largest city in the US ban the bag, we will have real momentum to roll this out across the country. We are going to organize other Community members in New York, and across the country to ensure this movement spreads.

Read more about this at “Story of Stuff” and “Mercury News”!

Environmental Defense Fund

The President has promised to curb methane pollution as part of his Climate Action Plan, and EPA is responsible under the Clean Air Act for setting strong standards that cut methane pollution from the oil and gas industry. 

-our oil and gas industry is also emitting large amounts of methane into the atmosphere. Pound for pound, methane is over 80 times more potent than CO2 in trapping heat in the atmosphere over the first 20 years after it is released. In fact, about one-third of the man-made climate change that we are experiencing today is attributable to methane and other short-lived climate pollutants.

The oil and gas sector is America’s biggest source of human-caused, industrial methane pollution. If you’re concerned about global warming, we need you to tell the EPA to address this problem now.;jsessionid=8C267CC23E38AEF1CE6B7C21780860EB.app338b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=2361&autologin=true&utm_source=EDF%20action%20network&utm_medium=email-38701&utm_campaign=advocacy&link=body_text2

Chinook Book: Save $ - Shop Green

Chinook Book: What’s That?

It is an app and printed edition that contains fantastic coupons for businesses that meet a sustainable criteria. What’s not like about awesome deals rewarding you for sustainable living?!

Based off your location, it offers you deals for farmers markets, recycling, local biking & transit, clean energy and a green home.

Download the app and get coupons to support local sustainable products and services!

Click on this link to learn more and download the app!


As we all know, climate change is affecting every aspect of our lives. The commonly overlooked crisis includes the health threats its poses. Similar to LivingGreen’s goal to promote a “healthy environment and sustainable future”, the PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH for PUBLIC HEALTH is an organization comprised of health professional and advocates that are devoted to educating the community on public health to initiate a strong action on climate change. Please visit their website and join the next conference call! (every Tuesday at 7pm).

This website will also get you in touch with lots of resources and non -profits that promote further action:

Advancing Clean Air, Climate & Health: Opportunities for Nurses (Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments)

Climate and Health (Center for Disease Control & Prevention)

Climate Change and Public Health (Fossil Free)

Climate Change Is a Threat to Health (PSR)

New York Climate and Health Project (Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health)

Rebranding Climate Change as a Public Health Issue(Time)

The Links Between Climate and Health (Climate 911)

Events: People’s Climate March on Sunday September 21

New Projects: ASTHO Extreme Weather and Climate Readiness: Toolkit for State and Territorial Health Officials

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) has created this toolkit to help state and territorial health agencies enhance their climate readiness, program by program.

Visit these resources to learn more and get involved! 

Story of Stuff

Don’t let plastic bag companies be the only voice: Tell your assembly member to ban single-use plastic bags!

                                               Make the Call:

California legislators are on the verge of two critical votes on plastic waste — today it’s the most important plastic bag ban in the country.

Our oceans and garbage dumps are filling up with plastic. So we’re taking action on two important bills in the California legislature about plastic waste that will have crucial votes in the next few days,          

The companies that profit from pumping out disposable plastic products are throwing everything they have at stopping this legislation dead in its tracks

Plastic bag manufacturer Hilex Poly has been caught lying to members of the state assembly. The company — which has spent over $3 million on lobbying against plastic bag regulation — calls us ”special interests” 

 Today we can make a dramatic statement to the country about the power of citizen voices over corporate money.

It’s time that our legislators heard from us

Tell your assembly member to vote “Yes” on SB 270 and ban the bag!

 Please join us today in passing decisive legislation for a cleaner future.